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This site is devoted to providing access to concise and unbiased information related to Total Knee Replacement and Knee Replacement Surgery. Here you will get an in-depth, yet easy to understand overview of the knee replacement operation as well as the implants used in Total Knee Replacement.

What is Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement, which is also known as Total Knee Arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure where:

  • The worn ends of the bones which make up the knee joint are resurfaced with metal and plastic implants
  • The alignment of the bones of the knee is restored so that the weight which passes through the knee is normally distributed.

The Knee Joint - What Goes Wrong?

In a normal knee, the ends of the bone are covered in a shiny, ultra-low friction material known as articular cartilage. If these surfaces become worn (as in osteoarthritis), joint pain and limited mobility may result. The X-ray on the right is that of a knee where osteoarthritis is present. Note the close proximity of the two large bones. In a normal knee, a clear, evenly spaced "gap" between the bones (the femur and tibia) would be observed. This "gap" is actually a healthy layer of articular cartilage which in an X-ray, is not visible. In the X-ray shown here, the cartilage has been worn away allowing the visible bony surfaces to come painfully in contact with one another.

Often, the surfaces of the bone will wear unevenly causing a bow-legged (varus) or knock-kneed (valgus) deformity. In an X-ray, this is seen as a “gap” on one side and a small or “closed-gap” on the other side.

If the pain and deformity become severe enough, Total Knee Replacement may be indicated....

Knee Replacement Surgery Overview

In general, Total Knee Replacement is a very safe and effective procedure. However, it is a major operation that is quite invasive. The outline on the following page is indicative of the “standard” approach....

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Total Knee Replacement Complications

Total knee replacement (also known as total knee arthroplasty) is generally a highly successful procedure with excellent long-term results. In a recent study, 97% of patients remained “revision-free” at 10 years....

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Total Knee Replacement FAQ

Read the top most frequenly asked question concerning Total Knee Replacement.

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